Salvation for the 2020’s

The Lord said:

come all

who are weak and weary.

My burden is light and easy.

Light and easy

My own is anything but.

It’s not all self-inflicted.

In these painful times, everyone is hurting.

Hurting and crying

Crying Lord when will it end?

Weeks, months, years.

Time is a destructive construct,

A figment of shared delusion.

People are getting sick

Sick from the virus,

Sick from malnourishment

Sick of misinformation and excuses

I’m too scared to get sick

But I know those who aren’t.

Their burdens are hard and prickly.

All hope viewed suspiciously

They pray for salvation.

Salvation that is temporal and mortal.

Salvation that is true and immortal

Salvation, yes salvation

from this new normal.

When will the Savior come?

Two thousand years after the cross

1.2 million infected

Are we in Revelations or Exodus?

All fear the second coming.

This decade is both slow and fast,

Listless and agonizing.

We celebrate the Cross and healing

Till true salvation comes

For all those moaning and weeping.

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