Category: In Retreat

Pizza on Principle

For casual dining look no further

For fool proof catering there is no other

Dough and sauce and cheese and fillings

Children and adults

greasy fingered by wolfish hunger.

Come celebration or accidental togetherness

From home alone to family gatherings

The safe choice of the cinematically busy


Limited series

As condensed and harried

As my dwindling attention span

That moody pup

That hovers next to master

Staying home

Like moldy unused potatoes

I press next episode

Skip intro

Half-aware of my fingers

Twitchy and fat-assed

I live in front of black screens

Cave-like and shadowed

Trapped by red lined time

Wasting half-baked longings

on unmasked blue lights

Duck food

Shimmering heat on feathered whites

My gaze bounces across the pond

To yellow billed twitching

of watered down sounds

Dive and dine

on delicious duck cuisine

crispy skin to juicy meat

Peking duck

Roast duck sisig

Tender and wild

swimming across the tongue

Should they listen

My problems seem so petty

They make me spoiled and weak

Maybe that’s depression that’s talking

Or maybe it’s something else

I feel bad for telling my parents

I feel bad for telling my therapist

All that wasted money

because I can’t handle reality

I’m scared to confide in others

Scared they’ll tell confide it to someone else

I don’t want to be an object of pity

I hardly have it for myself

I want to be done with my trauma

Cut the tears, cut the drama

I want to be happy with my future

To cope as best as I can

Conscious Neglect

Yellow-green hardy survival

These leaves leave much to be desired

I blame the helpless

those left by unfavorable circumstance

No I blame the careless

Decadent in selfish frigid space

I cannot always wander alone

I cannot bear the responsibility

nor the repression of impatient flexibility.

Prick-ish cultivated interests

Fertilized with Dewey’s understanding

I’ve lost my chances with small living

I’ll sweep your remnants off the floor

Dead Roses

I cared but you didn’t listen.

You wouldn’t respect what I had to say.

I made an effort, but it wasn’t enough.

You complained like there was nothing better to say.

I’m left frustrated,

Feeling graceless and inept.

You left condescension,

Token effort, rebukes unchecked.

I’m happiest doing this alone.

No meddling, no money.

You’re stupefied and bewildered,

Blinded to your own inconsistency

I throw away old roses,

My failure of dependency.


He is the Building Block

of Salvation.

My refuge

in times of worry,

strife and damnation.

He never fails me,

though I fail Him.

His rod is straight,

His words sing true.

My faith stands firm,

so shall I pray,

It will be with you.