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Friendship is a funny thing

Friendship is a funny thing,

The way it changes the rules.

A phone call can be exciting

Mutual interests binding like glue

You’re suddenly willing to do favors

And it’s a relief to be able to complain

No strings, just reciprocating

Fun, games, anti-stressing

A relationship blooming in time

Trusts earned almost painlessly

Through joy and care and mutual secrecy

A found family that is mine

Glass Door

In my heart lies a glass door

Behind it lies a demon

pretending to be a saint

Her room, blood red

adorned with pictures

A secret hall of fame

Different emotion, different frame

She won’t stop herself from going

Better broken than dead

Where can’t she go?

Earth to Heaven,

Joy rides past Hell

Don’t you dare trust her

She’s too much for her own good

Her emotions lead to ruin

Her frailty spells doom

Cracks beneath the surface

It’s a plain fragile thing

my heart is a glass door

I keep it protected

trapping my demon inside

I keep it padlocked and hidden

This glass door of mine

Treat it like buried treasure

Heart-spoken silicone dioxide