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Rocky Paths

How do rocks go astray?

How do they crumble and erode?

Broken crags and fallen stones

Protect and hold on to

Cliffs and slippery slopes

In anxious absence

Flounder and fracture and fester in mold

These rocks break and they batter

Building upon buildings

Mountains and shrines

Dark fallen towers

Of forfeited godliness

If only rocks could speak,

If they could sing and skip

Upon the highways of life

Then silence wouldn’t be home to stony hearts

And narrow paths wouldn’t be so cold

Oxygen Whispers

Branching through the lungs,

passive-aggressive molecular absorption in

tiny rivulets flowing with botanical cast-offs.

Breath in, Breath out

Can You Hear It?


Deep Breaths this time.

Flood your mind and 

try to fill the yawning expanse with tree-gifts:

glucose and paper backs

a stop-gap to death and anxiety.

Swallow reproaches like cough candy, solid ashy unspoken words, 

With mumbled frustrated sighs, airy and bitter.

Life-givers disappear into the unimaginable. 

It’s equivalent exchange,

Absorb and release.

In, Out, In, Out 

Who’s Listening?

Sullen rain batters down

punishing smokers like a disappointed mother.

A hydrogen homecoming straight into dirty potholes;

mingling and dancing with the grimy grim.

A chemical shower intended to clean the air.  

Walk safely, Little One.