Oxygen Whispers

Branching through the lungs,

passive-aggressive molecular absorption in

tiny rivulets flowing with botanical cast-offs.

Breath in, Breath out

Can You Hear It?


Deep Breaths this time.

Flood your mind and 

try to fill the yawning expanse with tree-gifts:

glucose and paper backs

a stop-gap to death and anxiety.

Swallow reproaches like cough candy, solid ashy unspoken words, 

With mumbled frustrated sighs, airy and bitter.

Life-givers disappear into the unimaginable. 

It’s equivalent exchange,

Absorb and release.

In, Out, In, Out 

Who’s Listening?

Sullen rain batters down

punishing smokers like a disappointed mother.

A hydrogen homecoming straight into dirty potholes;

mingling and dancing with the grimy grim.

A chemical shower intended to clean the air.  

Walk safely, Little One.

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