Passive Listening: A poem about podcasts

Podcasts are so much easier than conversations.

The measured and thought-provoking ideas that speak to you

with excited nerdiness and self-assured expertise.

Intro music and manufactured giggling,

a dash of Casper, Quip and Audible promos for

a rainy day companion with a pause button.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fast-forward social niceties?

Skip the bolstering and rumor mongering like peddlers selling ratty washcloths.

No more missed calls or tired exaggerations.

It’s easy to listen when it’s on your own terms,

but it doesn’t make you a good listener

just a content one

Podcasts aren’t a strain on my social battery.

There’s no nagging or whining, just

Revolutions and Planet Money

with a dash full of Criminals.

They’re useful, informative, and minimal

and they don’t get mad when you fall asleep.

It’s getting personal without the people.

Listening without commitments as the sound vibrates

in your head-shaped works in progress. 

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