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Scented Love

I didn’t realize I was a fan till I saw it

It was a spark of desire

to own and to hold

to feel the warmth in my hand

to smell the top notes and base notes

the heart notes mixing with afternoon light

Melting by my side

Wax and music playing down the day

Cast small fires

upon peaceful loves

Get to Continue

It’s a blessing to begin again

To renew old hopes

and have a revival

Getting a second chance

or maybe third or fourth

having that 7x 70 life

with moments to spare

I thought I had a story to tell

then I, myself got in the way

But I get to continue

To write and post and live

To laugh and cry simultaneously

To dream and stay hungry.

Red is for Birthdays

Red is for Birthdays

The color of celebration

Today is for merriment and veneration

Green is for prosperity

For nurture and nature

Praise be for the plenty

The green earth offers

The King was born

The days draw near

For when heaven and earth

Coexist in cheer

Green Leaves in Water

Nourishing and flourishing

Hydration leads to growth

But tea is good for stomachs

Not detoxifying my anxiety

I grow tea plants at home

I use water and soil

And eggshells, and coffee and tears

I give them something to drink

And I drink them

No sugar no milk

Maybe boba sometimes though

Green tea, Camelia Camelia

Black tea, Camelia Sinensis

Herbal is a last resort

If people can farm a mountain

You can conquer the plants at home

Add Milk

The strong need something

Something rich and sweet

To add and replace

The feelings of non-acquired taste

The weak want to hide

By hegemonic disconnect

Secure in anonymity

Add milk

Add sugar

Add honey and cream

Leave bitterness behind

Darkness unseen

If only daily life

Was as simple as morning coffee

Cold Brew

Can you drown in palpitations?




Can you draw your own awakening?




Is this right?




Do you want more?

A soothing weight between cup hands

An offering to brown used lips


Bed of Blades

Soft but sharp

The loss of unseen ground

The fallen whims of the living

Unbroken and upright

An invitation to surrender

Into a flinching embrace

The fabricated unawares

Of accosting pests

Makeshift bedding

Lost, lush decorations

of many colored leaves

Sunk and crushed

By unconscious feats