Cry for Humanity,

heaven’s tears are falling down gray skies
on dirty land always littered with man-made debris.
Wash away our transgressions, our apathy, our graceless planetary care.
Our world, our home undergoing greedy renovations.
Man’s desire for greatness marking every surface
The ice breaks, the walls close in.
Our vast and sprawling land decimated,
Crammed with Leaders of Unjust Progress.

Cry for your country,

Your tears water the barren fields of yore.
The man at the plow has ran away,
chasing whispers of better opportunities that his forefathers left unheard.
We endanger life, we feed on lies
Trapped between extreme thirst and flood
We starve for attention, for recognition, for bread
Our dreams but grains of rice, we count them one by one.

Cry for family,

the one great love
Bound by blood and strife.
When confined and without distraction, we can grow no closer
Too close not to fight, all bark and bite
Volatile chemistry, sparks of creativity
Bitter words, Bittersweet memories
Man is shaped by his family
He is molded by those he draws near.

For yourself,
For your calling
For your freedom in the light
Cry to your God, to the being that will answer
Cry till the tears turn to blood and wash away your insufficiencies.

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