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Scented Love

I didn’t realize I was a fan till I saw it

It was a spark of desire

to own and to hold

to feel the warmth in my hand

to smell the top notes and base notes

the heart notes mixing with afternoon light

Melting by my side

Wax and music playing down the day

Cast small fires

upon peaceful loves

The Palm

Some are the eyes 

Some are the hands

I am the palm 

That completes the hand

I am wide

I am small

I’ll carry the world

Before you fall

Some don’t notice

Others read

But neither the seeing or the blind

Neglect the importance of me

I am smooth

I am rough

Marked by work

Toughened by the job

Sensitive but useful

A raised sign for help

A silent call

A mark of what is to come

Some are the eyes 

Some are the hands

I am the palm 

That carries it all

Friendship is a funny thing

Friendship is a funny thing,

The way it changes the rules.

A phone call can be exciting

Mutual interests binding like glue

You’re suddenly willing to do favors

And it’s a relief to be able to complain

No strings, just reciprocating

Fun, games, anti-stressing

A relationship blooming in time

Trusts earned almost painlessly

Through joy and care and mutual secrecy

A found family that is mine

Puzzle Pieces

Men are puzzle pieces, 

Their rough edges point in

Towards cuts and bumps of a pretty inner life.

No piece more important,

no piece unnecessary,

Society is a puzzle made of intersecting pictures

Shaped by space, 

Subject to time

Ever shifting shades of evolving design

Mankind builds a puzzle.

One subject for all

For man to live in harmony,

Both great and small

The Moon at the Bottom

Drinking coffee,

Head tilted skywards

In supplication for caffeine

From my cup’s bottom arises a dirty, brown stained moon

Brown-bottom Styrofoam

Unwasted colored remains

A reminder of what I do

How I function

In the craters of a recyclable moon

My awakened caffeinated desires reflected

Into pretty trash, a mundane consideration

I toss the cup away

Task fulfilled

Coffee consumed

Goodbye moon

With Sentiment in My Eyes

A while ago, I went away

 scared and alone, spirits low, 

full of ambition, dreams and doubt 

but even if I achieve fortune and fame,

 who’s to say I won’t still feel the same?

My love ones, players of fond memories,

am I important to them as they are to me? 

We had fun, we had our games.

We have lives filled with shenanigans, laughter and tears.   

  Visiting infrequently, hopefully , happily

My parents are quasi-strict, quasi-there

My grandma is kind with religious flair  

My siblings I annoy and are annoyed by in turn

My extended family both nebulous and firm 

Their love is the greatest credit  to my name.  

It’s a family of Hicaps, Sons and daughters

Broken and glued with pieces wondrously made

 A tumultuous and  wonderful rollercoaster of emotions

Better than any wealth, power or fame

My family, the starting point of my acclaim.