With Sentiment in My Eyes

A while ago, I went away

 scared and alone, spirits low, 

full of ambition, dreams and doubt 

but even if I achieve fortune and fame,

 who’s to say I won’t still feel the same?

My love ones, players of fond memories,

am I important to them as they are to me? 

We had fun, we had our games.

We have lives filled with shenanigans, laughter and tears.   

  Visiting infrequently, hopefully , happily

My parents are quasi-strict, quasi-there

My grandma is kind with religious flair  

My siblings I annoy and are annoyed by in turn

My extended family both nebulous and firm 

Their love is the greatest credit  to my name.  

It’s a family of Hicaps, Sons and daughters

Broken and glued with pieces wondrously made

 A tumultuous and  wonderful rollercoaster of emotions

Better than any wealth, power or fame

My family, the starting point of my acclaim.

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