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Before I Go to Sleep

“Awaken!” says my brain

But my body refuses

For sweet temptation is sleep 

It is sin not to have enough





My work is like bad chicken

Dry and overdone

And so before I commit another slothful act

I ask forgiveness from my fellow man

May your rest be Hippocratic

Deeply Nourishing in the Lull

Go-getters and teachers , I apologize

I tried my best, but……

My eyes are closed,

My head is bowed.

For silence is mercy

Among this crowd

A Colorful Load

A response to the white man’s burden

You, the conquered people  have a heavy load

A load to discover who you are

Beyond previous understanding

Beyond the labels of history

Beyond those haughty judging eyes

Of master race conquering

You are challenged to embrace heritage

To taste your local flavor

To love your neighbor

To protect an environment despite its exploited past

Explore the depths of your potential

With broken chains what’s left to drag you down?

Equity or Equality

Social change is supposed to be within your grasp

Brought free from compassionate understanding

Embrace diversity not hegemony

Monotony drowned by minorities

Billions have made sacrifices, fighting for their chance

Their legacy is heavy 

but you don’t carry it alone

Take your colorful load

A prize of struggle and tenacity

A beautiful tapestry of history

A blanket muffling humanity

Let’s Play a Game

Let’s play a game

Where I can understand

The things you do

The words you say

Let’s play a game

Where you won’t feel bad

About the score 

Or the prizes you can’t have

Let’s play a game

We would both enjoy 

Something to share with others

When we grow bored

Let’s play a game 

Never been done before

Something to call our own

That no one else will know

Let’s play a game

Don’t be scared

I’ve got your back

You know that I care

I’m not going anywhere

Let’s play a game

You just name the place

And I’ll be there

Anytime, anywhere

Let’s play a game 

And be with me for one more day

It’s all fun and games

when we play

Market Fair

Do you like market fairs?

Little stalls, a lot of wares

Almost everything you want right there

tchotchkes, clothes and jewelry

Not to mention freshly baked goodies

Take a sample, stop and stare

Treat yourself, apple and pears

Empty your wallet, fill your bag

Buy all the things you’ve never had

Don’t worry, they won’t run out

You’ll love this stuff without a doubt

Little stalls, full of wares

Everything to buy all right there

Valued customer no need to blow your money

But spend a little or you’ll look funny

What? You’re going. Stop! Come here.

Aw shucks, What do I care?

Still you’ll be back, I swear. 

I Wish I Didn’t Procrastinate

I wish I didn’t procrastinate

That I could do what I am supposed to do.

I wish I did things on time,

Schedules don’t always work for me

Happiness is not the same as pleasure,

and yet always I seek the latter.

Responsibility is a part of growing up

Being responsible however is still optional.

To finish what I started

Or to not start at all?

Challenges lie before me

Hardships and trials around the bend

Should I give up?

No longer seeing it through or doing my best.

Great would be the day, when I stop procrastinating

Excellence, achieved through grit and perseverance.

The Palm

Some are the eyes 

Some are the hands

I am the palm 

That completes the hand

I am wide

I am small

I’ll carry the world

Before you fall

Some don’t notice

Others read

But neither the seeing or the blind

Neglect the importance of me

I am smooth

I am rough

Marked by work

Toughened by the job

Sensitive but useful

A raised sign for help

A silent call

A mark of what is to come

Some are the eyes 

Some are the hands

I am the palm 

That carries it all

The Donut Hole

Empty space

Function or waste?

Is it not for convenience’s sake?

I find it hard to believe, oh copper’s friend

Is so weak as to break and not bend

Alternatives though is miracle-rend

Delicious danger

Brother to officer’s gun

The same hands hold you two

The same finger that grasps the trigger

With your absence things are messy

Sticky lips, lollipop digits

A grateful snack 

The signed-off patrolman’s dessert

Friendship is a funny thing

Friendship is a funny thing,

The way it changes the rules.

A phone call can be exciting

Mutual interests binding like glue

You’re suddenly willing to do favors

And it’s a relief to be able to complain

No strings, just reciprocating

Fun, games, anti-stressing

A relationship blooming in time

Trusts earned almost painlessly

Through joy and care and mutual secrecy

A found family that is mine