I wore her shoes

Inspired by U far glove story prompt on Otome Isekai subreddit

‘I wore her shoes, she stole my crown.
I can see the parallels going down.
She was the fiancée’, I became queen
But it was his cheating that remains unseen.

Some people laugh,
Some people jeer,
Now I’m the Villainess, my dear.

I used to be the heroine
Noble and sweet
I used to be your lover
That kept things interesting
Now I’m the obstacle
A nuisance to get rid of

Will you execute me like you did with her?
Burn me for my wicked ways?
I’m not as charming as I used to be
Have fun with Heroine no. 3

I smiled when she was condemned
Laughing as I played with her jewels
I thought I knew the game
I thought the winners stayed the same

She’s in my shoes now
I walk barefoot toward the rope
I leave because of the same mistake
Of loving a man that doesn’t feel the same

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