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Fan of my fantasies

I’ll admit I’m a fangirl

Member of many, many fandoms

I buy merch,

I write fanfics,

I celebrate stories

with money, time and effort.

I live in multiple worlds

Different universes, altering timelines

Transported by screens and pages

where canons go over my head

and fanon aims at my heart

Nightcore in the cottage

It’s the same each and every night

High speed chase featured in my mind

Safety nets and horror deaf

Each and every feeling met

Sleepy eyes and carelessness

Dawn less with the blinding lights inside

Midnight in my darkened gaze

It comes and goes like dirty waves

Round and round its spins me like dead flies

Fractured mind in stained glass windows

Cardigans on ghost town widows

Lizzie Borden hits the drums

Spider feet are feeling numb

Was it love or simply shocking

Compliments or sincere mocking

Fantasy life with no escape

Don’t believe things on faith

I wore her shoes

Inspired by U far glove story prompt on Otome Isekai subreddit

‘I wore her shoes, she stole my crown.
I can see the parallels going down.
She was the fiancée’, I became queen
But it was his cheating that remains unseen.

Some people laugh,
Some people jeer,
Now I’m the Villainess, my dear.

I used to be the heroine
Noble and sweet
I used to be your lover
That kept things interesting
Now I’m the obstacle
A nuisance to get rid of

Will you execute me like you did with her?
Burn me for my wicked ways?
I’m not as charming as I used to be
Have fun with Heroine no. 3

I smiled when she was condemned
Laughing as I played with her jewels
I thought I knew the game
I thought the winners stayed the same

She’s in my shoes now
I walk barefoot toward the rope
I leave because of the same mistake
Of loving a man that doesn’t feel the same