A Christmas among the Trees

I live in the tropics, 

Barren of snow,  full of Christmas spirit.

The sun, hot and humbling

 Makes me thankful for the trees 

Just shady plants, no shady plans, 

The opposite of a busy bee. 

I praise the Great Creator.

His Son, the savior from Man’s Fall.

I feel the palms surround me, 

Flowers, grasses and vines abound

I remember His journey to Jerusalem,

His determined steps on sacred ground.

I  adore the peace, the not so quiet,

The birds call and other ambient sounds, 

The running water, the playful breeze,

Uncrowded delights, and  time with family.

I live close to earthly paradise, here in the Philippines

But I await the one on the other side, I hear it’s Heavenly.

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