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The Fiction of Reality

Stay consistent,

Keep in character

Stories should make sense

But what is life

but a story

We tell ourselves again and again?

What is self

but an imaginary friend?

We are not heroes or villains

Only comic relief

To gambling spirits

And bad examples

We are nothing, but created

By God, by ourselves, and others

Beings of imagined communities

As players of the night

We linger, fuck and fight

To the breaking of new dawn

Rise, Immortal Spirit!

For freedom and escape

From the fairytales old wisdom tells

From the fiction that is shared reality.

Rocky Paths

How do rocks go astray?

How do they crumble and erode?

Broken crags and fallen stones

Protect and hold on to

Cliffs and slippery slopes

In anxious absence

Flounder and fracture and fester in mold

These rocks break and they batter

Building upon buildings

Mountains and shrines

Dark fallen towers

Of forfeited godliness

If only rocks could speak,

If they could sing and skip

Upon the highways of life

Then silence wouldn’t be home to stony hearts

And narrow paths wouldn’t be so cold

Let’s Play a Game

Let’s play a game

Where I can understand

The things you do

The words you say

Let’s play a game

Where you won’t feel bad

About the score 

Or the prizes you can’t have

Let’s play a game

We would both enjoy 

Something to share with others

When we grow bored

Let’s play a game 

Never been done before

Something to call our own

That no one else will know

Let’s play a game

Don’t be scared

I’ve got your back

You know that I care

I’m not going anywhere

Let’s play a game

You just name the place

And I’ll be there

Anytime, anywhere

Let’s play a game 

And be with me for one more day

It’s all fun and games

when we play

The Palm

Some are the eyes 

Some are the hands

I am the palm 

That completes the hand

I am wide

I am small

I’ll carry the world

Before you fall

Some don’t notice

Others read

But neither the seeing or the blind

Neglect the importance of me

I am smooth

I am rough

Marked by work

Toughened by the job

Sensitive but useful

A raised sign for help

A silent call

A mark of what is to come

Some are the eyes 

Some are the hands

I am the palm 

That carries it all

Ode On Computers

Computers: The modern informer. 

Connecter of nations, 

you who has brought us: relief and stress, 

sleepless nights and lazy mornings; 

great and terrible news.

How long have I spent with you for my own purposes and whims?

 But, Alas I cannot love you!

 I find you cold and indifferent. 

Your monitor displays no inspiration. 

Only icons and data are your priority. 

You aim for perfection, yet you were made by imperfect hands;

 your precious data imparted by imperfect minds. 

You who have no loyalty; 

yet everyone wants to befriend you. 

Anonymous keeper of secrets,

you share to anyone who knows how to press your buttons.

The controller has become controlled. 

The unseen power has caused a sick obsession.

 Are we truly advanced?

If we can connect with strangers then why can we not connect with family?

 Does this world have nothing to offer, that we need to create new ones? 

Is tradition outdated? 

Oh! Citizens of Cyberspace, hit the like button

how dependent are the masters to their creations,

 the Systematic Destroyer.

Your Friend, the Internet

Have you ever wondered what the internet would be like as an actual person? He’d probably be a guy then again he could be a girl. That would explain all the online shopping sites….Hmm. For the sake of this conversation the internet is a guy ok? (Feminazis please don’t kill me) 

He’d have all the answers like the cocky man he is. He’d be a willing messenger boy for everyone. He’s on everyone’s side, that is if you can afford him . Willing to give  everyone  a chance, then again he also has no loyalty, singing your praises one moment, insulting you the next. Often saying things that aren’t true, he seems to believe anything that is said to him.

The internet would be a gossip. Spilling news and announcing people’s dirty secrets for the world to see even if we really wish he wouldn’t.
He’d also be absolutely pretentious assuming he knows what you really mean even if he is completely off. When you try to correct him he refuses to see your point. (Unless you’re talking to professor Wikipedia but that’s another topic)

He is never there when you need him, but extremely distracting when he’s there. Making announcements, recommending things to divert you from your original goal, he can be the most distracting thing you’ll ever meet.

The internet can be an absolute rascal, but a rather useful one. A wellspring of information, he shares the most amazing things from articles to videos and so much more. It’s easy to spend hours devoted to him, especially when you need help in your assignments.    

You can’t help it if you want that connection. Whether you’re at home or outside you are always looking for him, almost as if his presence suddenly makes a place better.  You chase after him, but at the same time hope he doesn’t slow down. The internet truly is a special kind of friend, there is no one like him. But please don’t make him into anything more than that