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A cold and worried Hallelujah

I heard that David

Said a prayer

That his relatives would stop going there

This disease and the consequences

Overwhelm us

The waves have come

The 4th, a 5th

But politicians still wouldn’t lift

The worries of the people

Scared enough to try to overthrow ya

Now pandemic is in year no. 3

Is there still a point in parody

It’s a cold and worried hallelujah













Little Screen vs Black

Pixelated Priorities

Split screen attention

Flicky fingers

Making happy noises

Charming and robotic

Singledom is wasteful

Spread you attentions

Like chicken legs

Focus is for the old

Not the mickey mouse club

Multi-task like the pros

Who never misses an opportunity

To tell the latest news

As tweets become emergencies

I’m tired of speech

I’m tired of speech

Of tragic conversations,

Of hastily bitter debates.

I’m tired of forced rituals

Of dogmatic preference

Cloaked in rebukes and judgement

I’m tired of planned togetherness

Of constant compromise

And submission to imperfect authority

I’m tired

Of routines dictated by uneven sacrifice

The only change is Greek to me

Wounded fighters in stolen armor

Battles sooner lost than won.

I’m tired.


The last nail on the coffin.

Disaster has struck.

A plea never uttered.

The door slammed shut.

The stars have no fire.

If only I could look up.

Tortured by Shared Destiny.

What a Hero I turned out to be.

Confined and Forgotten,

Nothing to look forward to,

Nothing but broken records of seclusion,

Nothing but promises unkept.

I am trapped.

Confined to myself.

Lying to myself.

Pathology of un-escaping,

Fearful phases,

Waxing and waning.

I Wish I Didn’t Procrastinate

I wish I didn’t procrastinate

That I could do what I am supposed to do.

I wish I did things on time,

Schedules don’t always work for me

Happiness is not the same as pleasure,

and yet always I seek the latter.

Responsibility is a part of growing up

Being responsible however is still optional.

To finish what I started

Or to not start at all?

Challenges lie before me

Hardships and trials around the bend

Should I give up?

No longer seeing it through or doing my best.

Great would be the day, when I stop procrastinating

Excellence, achieved through grit and perseverance.

Ode On Computers

Computers: The modern informer. 

Connecter of nations, 

you who has brought us: relief and stress, 

sleepless nights and lazy mornings; 

great and terrible news.

How long have I spent with you for my own purposes and whims?

 But, Alas I cannot love you!

 I find you cold and indifferent. 

Your monitor displays no inspiration. 

Only icons and data are your priority. 

You aim for perfection, yet you were made by imperfect hands;

 your precious data imparted by imperfect minds. 

You who have no loyalty; 

yet everyone wants to befriend you. 

Anonymous keeper of secrets,

you share to anyone who knows how to press your buttons.

The controller has become controlled. 

The unseen power has caused a sick obsession.

 Are we truly advanced?

If we can connect with strangers then why can we not connect with family?

 Does this world have nothing to offer, that we need to create new ones? 

Is tradition outdated? 

Oh! Citizens of Cyberspace, hit the like button

how dependent are the masters to their creations,

 the Systematic Destroyer.

Your Friend, the Internet

Have you ever wondered what the internet would be like as an actual person? He’d probably be a guy then again he could be a girl. That would explain all the online shopping sites….Hmm. For the sake of this conversation the internet is a guy ok? (Feminazis please don’t kill me) 

He’d have all the answers like the cocky man he is. He’d be a willing messenger boy for everyone. He’s on everyone’s side, that is if you can afford him . Willing to give  everyone  a chance, then again he also has no loyalty, singing your praises one moment, insulting you the next. Often saying things that aren’t true, he seems to believe anything that is said to him.

The internet would be a gossip. Spilling news and announcing people’s dirty secrets for the world to see even if we really wish he wouldn’t.
He’d also be absolutely pretentious assuming he knows what you really mean even if he is completely off. When you try to correct him he refuses to see your point. (Unless you’re talking to professor Wikipedia but that’s another topic)

He is never there when you need him, but extremely distracting when he’s there. Making announcements, recommending things to divert you from your original goal, he can be the most distracting thing you’ll ever meet.

The internet can be an absolute rascal, but a rather useful one. A wellspring of information, he shares the most amazing things from articles to videos and so much more. It’s easy to spend hours devoted to him, especially when you need help in your assignments.    

You can’t help it if you want that connection. Whether you’re at home or outside you are always looking for him, almost as if his presence suddenly makes a place better.  You chase after him, but at the same time hope he doesn’t slow down. The internet truly is a special kind of friend, there is no one like him. But please don’t make him into anything more than that