He is the Building Block

of Salvation.

My refuge

in times of worry,

strife and damnation.

He never fails me,

though I fail Him.

His rod is straight,

His words sing true.

My faith stands firm,

so shall I pray,

It will be with you.

I Wish I Didn’t Procrastinate

I wish I didn’t procrastinate

That I could do what I am supposed to do.

I wish I did things on time,

Schedules don’t always work for me

Happiness is not the same as pleasure,

and yet always I seek the latter.

Responsibility is a part of growing up

Being responsible however is still optional.

To finish what I started

Or to not start at all?

Challenges lie before me

Hardships and trials around the bend

Should I give up?

No longer seeing it through or doing my best.

Great would be the day, when I stop procrastinating

Excellence, achieved through grit and perseverance.

The Palm

Some are the eyes 

Some are the hands

I am the palm 

That completes the hand

I am wide

I am small

I’ll carry the world

Before you fall

Some don’t notice

Others read

But neither the seeing or the blind

Neglect the importance of me

I am smooth

I am rough

Marked by work

Toughened by the job

Sensitive but useful

A raised sign for help

A silent call

A mark of what is to come

Some are the eyes 

Some are the hands

I am the palm 

That carries it all