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Before I Go to Sleep

“Awaken!” says my brain

But my body refuses

For sweet temptation is sleep 

It is sin not to have enough





My work is like bad chicken

Dry and overdone

And so before I commit another slothful act

I ask forgiveness from my fellow man

May your rest be Hippocratic

Deeply Nourishing in the Lull

Go-getters and teachers , I apologize

I tried my best, but……

My eyes are closed,

My head is bowed.

For silence is mercy

Among this crowd

I Wish I Didn’t Procrastinate

I wish I didn’t procrastinate

That I could do what I am supposed to do.

I wish I did things on time,

Schedules don’t always work for me

Happiness is not the same as pleasure,

and yet always I seek the latter.

Responsibility is a part of growing up

Being responsible however is still optional.

To finish what I started

Or to not start at all?

Challenges lie before me

Hardships and trials around the bend

Should I give up?

No longer seeing it through or doing my best.

Great would be the day, when I stop procrastinating

Excellence, achieved through grit and perseverance.