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Green Leaves in Water

Nourishing and flourishing

Hydration leads to growth

But tea is good for stomachs

Not detoxifying my anxiety

I grow tea plants at home

I use water and soil

And eggshells, and coffee and tears

I give them something to drink

And I drink them

No sugar no milk

Maybe boba sometimes though

Green tea, Camelia Camelia

Black tea, Camelia Sinensis

Herbal is a last resort

If people can farm a mountain

You can conquer the plants at home

Add Milk

The strong need something

Something rich and sweet

To add and replace

The feelings of non-acquired taste

The weak want to hide

By hegemonic disconnect

Secure in anonymity

Add milk

Add sugar

Add honey and cream

Leave bitterness behind

Darkness unseen

If only daily life

Was as simple as morning coffee

Cold Brew

Can you drown in palpitations?




Can you draw your own awakening?




Is this right?




Do you want more?

A soothing weight between cup hands

An offering to brown used lips


The Fiction of Reality

Stay consistent,

Keep in character

Stories should make sense

But what is life

but a story

We tell ourselves again and again?

What is self

but an imaginary friend?

We are not heroes or villains

Only comic relief

To gambling spirits

And bad examples

We are nothing, but created

By God, by ourselves, and others

Beings of imagined communities

As players of the night

We linger, fuck and fight

To the breaking of new dawn

Rise, Immortal Spirit!

For freedom and escape

From the fairytales old wisdom tells

From the fiction that is shared reality.

Droplets in Air

The breeze likes to gossip

And play with my hair

As droplets do tricks

Upon rocky stairs

Hear them whisper and complain

Like a chorus girl’s refrain

Windy days are for dancing

Like reeds and sand

Rainy days are for singing

Under blankets and cover bands

Air and Water

Avatars of change

Peacefully adapting

As earth and fire

Fall away

Rocky Paths

How do rocks go astray?

How do they crumble and erode?

Broken crags and fallen stones

Protect and hold on to

Cliffs and slippery slopes

In anxious absence

Flounder and fracture and fester in mold

These rocks break and they batter

Building upon buildings

Mountains and shrines

Dark fallen towers

Of forfeited godliness

If only rocks could speak,

If they could sing and skip

Upon the highways of life

Then silence wouldn’t be home to stony hearts

And narrow paths wouldn’t be so cold

Bed of Blades

Soft but sharp

The loss of unseen ground

The fallen whims of the living

Unbroken and upright

An invitation to surrender

Into a flinching embrace

The fabricated unawares

Of accosting pests

Makeshift bedding

Lost, lush decorations

of many colored leaves

Sunk and crushed

By unconscious feats

Little Screen vs Black

Pixelated Priorities

Split screen attention

Flicky fingers

Making happy noises

Charming and robotic

Singledom is wasteful

Spread you attentions

Like chicken legs

Focus is for the old

Not the mickey mouse club

Multi-task like the pros

Who never misses an opportunity

To tell the latest news

As tweets become emergencies

Pizza on Principle

For casual dining look no further

For fool proof catering there is no other

Dough and sauce and cheese and fillings

Children and adults

greasy fingered by wolfish hunger.

Come celebration or accidental togetherness

From home alone to family gatherings

The safe choice of the cinematically busy

I’m tired of speech

I’m tired of speech

Of tragic conversations,

Of hastily bitter debates.

I’m tired of forced rituals

Of dogmatic preference

Cloaked in rebukes and judgement

I’m tired of planned togetherness

Of constant compromise

And submission to imperfect authority

I’m tired

Of routines dictated by uneven sacrifice

The only change is Greek to me

Wounded fighters in stolen armor

Battles sooner lost than won.

I’m tired.