Tag: nighttime observations

Dead Roses

I cared but you didn’t listen.

You wouldn’t respect what I had to say.

I made an effort, but it wasn’t enough.

You complained like there was nothing better to say.

I’m left frustrated,

Feeling graceless and inept.

You left condescension,

Token effort, rebukes unchecked.

I’m happiest doing this alone.

No meddling, no money.

You’re stupefied and bewildered,

Blinded to your own inconsistency

I throw away old roses,

My failure of dependency.

Bladder Blather

To pee is as natural as it is annoying

It’s a healthy inconvenience

Something primal and instinctual

Liquid in, liquid out

Woe to those in long car rides

Or those exploring in parts unknown

Your body is against you

Marking a trail away from home

It’s misfortune for it to be a struggle

It’s herculean to hold it in

This functioning bladder of mine

Is an opponent that always wins