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If  God didn’t care, would you still be here?

If God didn’t watch, why is life full of drama?

If God was dead, then why dream of nirvana?

If religion is bondage, I’m a slave eternal.

If religion is  cancer, my case is terminal.

If religion is a crutch, I’d claim infirmity. 

If loving you  was folly, I’ll be the biggest fool.

If commitment was stupid, I’d forget about IQ. 

If time had a price, I’d spend millions on you. 

If love was a drug, I’d be an addict for you.

 If we ever came apart, I’d use super glue.

And If love be a liar, then burn me at the witch’s pyre. 

If kindness was idiotic, I’d gladly be the dunce. 

If chubby is deadly, I’ll live on the edge.

If chastity was suicide, I’ll stand on the ledge.

If people aren’t equal then the factors are wrong. 

If modesty is old fashioned, then I’m a classic song.

And If  the good die young, I’ll accept martyrdom.