Pizza on Principle

For casual dining look no further

For fool proof catering there is no other

Dough and sauce and cheese and fillings

Children and adults

greasy fingered by wolfish hunger.

Come celebration or accidental togetherness

From home alone to family gatherings

The safe choice of the cinematically busy

I’m tired of speech

I’m tired of speech

Of tragic conversations,

Of hastily bitter debates.

I’m tired of forced rituals

Of dogmatic preference

Cloaked in rebukes and judgement

I’m tired of planned togetherness

Of constant compromise

And submission to imperfect authority

I’m tired

Of routines dictated by uneven sacrifice

The only change is Greek to me

Wounded fighters in stolen armor

Battles sooner lost than won.

I’m tired.

Wax Remnants

Small indulgences

Bursting into nothing

Wispy wafts of fragrant artifice

Splattering flames

Submerged in self-drowning waste

Constant flickers

Of the wagging tongue

Hot and silent


Fulfilling variants

Of diminishing sensations

Cheap meditation of

Broken seals

This little light of mine

I feed to keep alive


Limited series

As condensed and harried

As my dwindling attention span

That moody pup

That hovers next to master

Staying home

Like moldy unused potatoes

I press next episode

Skip intro

Half-aware of my fingers

Twitchy and fat-assed

I live in front of black screens

Cave-like and shadowed

Trapped by red lined time

Wasting half-baked longings

on unmasked blue lights

A Colorful Load

A response to the white man’s burden

You, the conquered people  have a heavy load

A load to discover who you are

Beyond previous understanding

Beyond the labels of history

Beyond those haughty judging eyes

Of master race conquering

You are challenged to embrace heritage

To taste your local flavor

To love your neighbor

To protect an environment despite its exploited past

Explore the depths of your potential

With broken chains what’s left to drag you down?

Equity or Equality

Social change is supposed to be within your grasp

Brought free from compassionate understanding

Embrace diversity not hegemony

Monotony drowned by minorities

Billions have made sacrifices, fighting for their chance

Their legacy is heavy 

but you don’t carry it alone

Take your colorful load

A prize of struggle and tenacity

A beautiful tapestry of history

A blanket muffling humanity

Let’s Play a Game

Let’s play a game

Where I can understand

The things you do

The words you say

Let’s play a game

Where you won’t feel bad

About the score 

Or the prizes you can’t have

Let’s play a game

We would both enjoy 

Something to share with others

When we grow bored

Let’s play a game 

Never been done before

Something to call our own

That no one else will know

Let’s play a game

Don’t be scared

I’ve got your back

You know that I care

I’m not going anywhere

Let’s play a game

You just name the place

And I’ll be there

Anytime, anywhere

Let’s play a game 

And be with me for one more day

It’s all fun and games

when we play

The Green Cloak

If I am envious of one thing,

It is the air of contentment some people have

Ensnaring the eye

Like a stupendous forested cloak

that hides them from worrisome malice

I wish to steal it

for myself

To bask in its warm gladness

Untattered illusion

Undrawn shimmering curtain

Fabric of soothing matters

Lay me down in a beautiful lie

A bed of roses among twisted thorns

For that cloak un-mourned

I’ll be wrapped in scorn-free contentment

I’ll be away from home

That cloak as green as envy

Thick and rich like siren song

It is an air more rapturous than breathing

For the imposter in need of masking,

and the child in need of hiding.

A little girl seeks understanding.

Shake-y Swallows

Health is wealth

And my cup overflows

Daily ritual offerings

Supplication to the body

A short tempered temple

In perpetual renovation

Swallowed strength

With determined reluctance

Drained the glass

Graceless avoidance

Patterns of neglect

Give way to convenience

Improvement by others

Gobbled good intentions


The last nail on the coffin.

Disaster has struck.

A plea never uttered.

The door slammed shut.

The stars have no fire.

If only I could look up.

Tortured by Shared Destiny.

What a Hero I turned out to be.

Confined and Forgotten,

Nothing to look forward to,

Nothing but broken records of seclusion,

Nothing but promises unkept.

I am trapped.

Confined to myself.

Lying to myself.

Pathology of un-escaping,

Fearful phases,

Waxing and waning.

Duck food

Shimmering heat on feathered whites

My gaze bounces across the pond

To yellow billed twitching

of watered down sounds

Dive and dine

on delicious duck cuisine

crispy skin to juicy meat

Peking duck

Roast duck sisig

Tender and wild

swimming across the tongue