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Nightcore in the cottage

It’s the same each and every night

High speed chase featured in my mind

Safety nets and horror deaf

Each and every feeling met

Sleepy eyes and carelessness

Dawn less with the blinding lights inside

Midnight in my darkened gaze

It comes and goes like dirty waves

Round and round its spins me like dead flies

Fractured mind in stained glass windows

Cardigans on ghost town widows

Lizzie Borden hits the drums

Spider feet are feeling numb

Was it love or simply shocking

Compliments or sincere mocking

Fantasy life with no escape

Don’t believe things on faith

A cold and worried Hallelujah

I heard that David

Said a prayer

That his relatives would stop going there

This disease and the consequences

Overwhelm us

The waves have come

The 4th, a 5th

But politicians still wouldn’t lift

The worries of the people

Scared enough to try to overthrow ya

Now pandemic is in year no. 3

Is there still a point in parody

It’s a cold and worried hallelujah













The Fiction of Reality

Stay consistent,

Keep in character

Stories should make sense

But what is life

but a story

We tell ourselves again and again?

What is self

but an imaginary friend?

We are not heroes or villains

Only comic relief

To gambling spirits

And bad examples

We are nothing, but created

By God, by ourselves, and others

Beings of imagined communities

As players of the night

We linger, fuck and fight

To the breaking of new dawn

Rise, Immortal Spirit!

For freedom and escape

From the fairytales old wisdom tells

From the fiction that is shared reality.

Little Screen vs Black

Pixelated Priorities

Split screen attention

Flicky fingers

Making happy noises

Charming and robotic

Singledom is wasteful

Spread you attentions

Like chicken legs

Focus is for the old

Not the mickey mouse club

Multi-task like the pros

Who never misses an opportunity

To tell the latest news

As tweets become emergencies